Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Internet Entrepreneur?

I have been dreaming of becoming an internet entrepreneur for a little over a year now. I have spent thousands of dollars chasing the dream and taken numerous schemes, I mean courses.  After weeding out a lot of the garbage I decided to start sharing what I find to be beneficial in growing an online business and becoming an Internet Entrepreneur.

There are so many programs out there trying to say the can teach you how to make money online fast. I am not saying that there are no legitimate ways to make money online just don’t plan to jump right in and start making money overnight. Especially if your traffic will be coming from top search engines.

When you are trying to get traffic from the top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo it can take weeks and even months to get high enough in rank to start driving traffic to your site. It is all based on the quality and amount of content wrapped up with your SEO (search engine optimization) plan.

Create your own Website

To get started s an internet entrepreneur you will need to create your own website.

You will need two things in order to start your own website. A hosting service and a domain name. I prefer bluehost for my hosting service. They have very reasonable priced hosting and great uptime. When you sign up you will get a free domain.

WordPress is the platform that I use to run all of my sites. It is very SEO friendly and easy to use. It is very simple to upload to your site  using the bluehost cpanel.

How to Monetize a Website

There are so many ways to become an internet entrepreneur that it will make your head spin as you start your research. A lot of people start of a blog and focus on content to utilize Google AdSense.  You can utilize programs like Amazon Affiliate, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Infolinks, Doba, and ShareASale, just to name a few.

Google AdSense is a great way to monetize a website since there are no traffic requirements and they have a great PPC (pay per click) rate. Be sure that you read all of the Google AdSense ToS. There are quite a few what you can and can not do using adsense. Your account can become banned very easily loosing you money if you do not follow the Adsense ToS.

If you want to become an Amazon Affiliate then you should research the products, understand the market demand and the market competition before starting your website. Try to stick with a micro niche first and then expand using other domains as you gain the experience.

Commission Junction and ShareASale are very similar. They run the affiliate programs for a large assortment of merchants. This makes it easier so that you do not have to sign up with multiple merchants for there affiliate programs.

Infolinks is another ad network similar to Google Adsense. They have different platforms to choose from, such as, in text advertising, popups and in frame advertisements. It is a good platform but you will not make the money that you can from AdSense.

Doba is, one among many, drop ship programs that allow you to add products to your website from multiple suppliers. When someone orders the product from your website you in turn place the order with the supplier and it is shipped directly to the buyer.

The key to becoming a successful Internet Entrepreneur is to start with the research and have patience to build the proper content and SEO. Content is King!