Today most of the people want to start their own blogs but they do not know the proper steps for starting with. They are also ignorant of the methods they should use to make their blogs successful and popular among the other web users all across the world. The question of how to start a blog is put up by many. By following all the steps described below, a primary blog maker will be able to start a blog successfully and will also gain the required reputation. He will also get all the necessary answers for the question of how to create a blog.

Steps for creating a blog

The five important steps one should follow to start a blog are

  • A blogging platform is to be selected with a domain name and also with an option of hosting.
  • Use a simple theme for designing the blog one has created.
  • The blog that has been created is now to be modified according to the desired style of the blogger. This would further enhance the feel and look of the blog.
  • The best plugins are to be selected for the blog.
  • The blog should be having content which is both valuable and compelling to the readers.

With all the steps given below the question of how do I start a blog is answered in detail. So, you actually do not have any idea of how do you start a blog right? Do not worry as the ways to start a blog are quite simple if one follows that is given below.

Step by step guide for creating a perfect blog

  • The very primary thing that is to be done is to register the domain of the blogger and the issue of hosting should also be taken into account. The issues of domain and hosting is made easier through WordPress and Bluehost as 99% of the people throughout the world use them for creating blogs. With them, the set-up becomes much easier.
  • The next point of concern is the theme that one selects for his blog. An attractive theme makes your blog interesting to look at and presents it to the readers in a wonderful manner. With the selection of a perfecthow do you start a blog theme, the blogger will be able to give his blog the exact look that he wants to. The task of designing a blog becomes much simpler with a good theme and once a blogger purchases a theme, he owns it for his whole life. Every theme has two halves- framework and child theme. Genesis is by far the best framework available in the market as it gives the blogger a flexible choice and also provides a foundation that is necessary for the child theme. The Genesis Framework can be purchased from the StudioPress. After this it becomes necessary to get the right child theme or the design for the blog. Browsing through BLYT, one can get the desired child theme that one is looking for.
  • Next comes the modification of the blog that the blogger creates. Once all the previous things are set, the blogger needs to spend a lot of time in getting the real look and feel that he wants for his blog. In this time, he should make his vision into a reality. The blogger can create a free account of the Feedburner so that the people can subscribe to his blogging site through the RSS subscriptions and emails. For tracking the stats of the site, one can make use of the Google Analytics. Signing up and using the Feedburner and the Google Analytics is both simple and easy.
  • The plugin buttons that are easier to share the posts and contents of the blog to the others should be mostly used like the Google Analytics for the WordPress and the share button plugins for the Twitter and Facebook. These plugins takes only a few minutes to get installed on the blogging site once all the other things of the site have been set up. One can also check out the Best WordPress Plugins by WPBeginner if the blogger wants to use some new and cool plugins.
  • Lastly, one should concentrate on the content that he is writing and uploading on his blogging site. One can write and upload the content on his blogging pages: Contact page, About page, Events Archives, Start page etc. through WordPress. One can also design the logo for the sites taking the help of the internet. The own picture of the blogger can be adjusted and added in the area of the header so that the people viewing his page can identify him. The content that is written and uploaded on the sites should not only be valuable but must also be compelling for all the ones visiting the website.


Recommendations for starting a blog

Many times people ask for some advice on how to start a blog or how to create a blog. Sometimes it is also asked how do I start a blog. For creating a blog one should find out his own passion and niche. He can then write about his own passion. One should also define the ideal readers for his blog. The readers should get inspired by all that one writes in his blog so that they can lead a more meaningful life. The content should also add value to the lives of all the readers. This will allow the blogger to get quality readers for his site. The question that is quite important while starting with a blog is how do you start a blog if you are not original. The blog of a person is different from that of the others only because of his own ideas and writing. It is all about the creativity, the style and perspective of the blogger that will make his blog different from that of the others. It is important to be interesting to the readers especially if the blogger wants to share his content with all the others.