In the past, affiliate programs were not popular at all. In fact, a lot of people were not even aware that they have already existed then. Right now, they have become more popular and this is probably because of the fact that people are becoming more knowledgeable about this topic and they now know how it can benefit them well.

Both buyers and sellers already know how affiliate marketing can be helpful for them. This is also the case with merchants and affiliates. The merchants know that they have better chances of getting traffic into their website through the affiliates for a certain fee. At the same time, affiliates can see this as a money making opportunity that they can do right at their own homes.

You have to know right now that there are different types of affiliate marketing available. Your main goal is to choose the one that will be perfect for you otherwise; this will not be effective at all.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

  • Pay Per Click

There are a lot of websites who make use of Pay per Click or PPC because this is one way by which affiliates can learn a lot of money. In this type of Pay per Click, the merchant will pay the affiliate if the link that is placed by the affiliate on the website is clicked by a customer. The amount that would have to be paid for will depend on the contract.

  • Pay Per Performance

This is yet again another type of affiliate marketing that is very popular right now. Basically, merchants

like this type of marketing a lot because they will only pay depending on the performance of affiliates or what they have done. This means that whenever there are referrals or if people would actually purchase from the merchant’s site that is when the affiliate will get a percentage of the total sales. Clickbank is my favorite program in this category. They have paid out billions in commissions.

  • Pay Per Sale

This is usually another type of affiliate marketing wherein for every time that a referred person will purchase from the site, people will get money out of it. Usually, people who make use of this affiliate marketing strategy get paid on a commission basis. The fees are usually bigger than the other programs that are available.

  • Pay Per Lead

This is yet again another type of affiliate marketing program that is usually used by insurance companies and the like because the leads will help these companies grow. The more leads the affiliate marketer will be able to send to the site, the more money that will be earned in the long run. The compensation for this type of affiliate marketing is usually different.

Do remember that the three types of affiliate marketing mentioned above are the usual types but there are still a lot more than people can check out because there are still others that do exist. There may even be times when the affiliates will get rebates when they choose to pay from the sites.

Other Types of Marketing

Now that you already know the other types of marketing available, here are still others that would be very helpful:

  • Residual Income Marketing

The great thing about this type of marketing is that people just do not get an income when the customers that they have referred to the site have made a purchase. The customers who will return to the site ever so often who purchases a lot of times will give the marketer an income each time. Again the amount that would be received will depend on what the merchant and the affiliate has talked about.

  • Single, Two and Multi Tier Marketing

This is the type of marketing that allow people to have their own networks and they will get paid depending on how their network currently is. Usually, for single tier marketing, affiliates will only get paid when their direct referrals purchase anything from the site. It expands as it becomes two and multi tiered.

Do remember that the marketing types will vary in effectiveness from one person to another. It is important for people to choose the right Internet marketing type so that they can be effective at it and earn more money in the long run.